Frequently asked questions


What is DriveSmart?

Developed by Canada's leading financial comparison service,, to assist you determining whether you can save money by joining a usage-based insurance (UBI) program. DriveSmart is a free smartphone app for iOS and android that will monitor your driving and tell you how good a driver you are.

Who is Kanetix?

Launched in October 1999, KANETIX was Canada's first online insurance marketplace and today provides over a million quotes per year to consumers looking for insurance, as well as comparisons for mortgage rates and credit cards.

The comparison service is a one-stop shopping environment for consumers. Each day, thousands visit the KANETIX website to comparison shop their various financial needs. Shoppers choose what they want to compare, obtain a quotation and complete an online application or, with the help of KANETIX connect with the provider to purchase or apply for the product over the phone.

Will using the app affect my insurance rates?

KANETIX will not share your trip details with any insurer, and use of this app will not have any impact on your insurance rates.

Now that i've used the app, how do I save money on my insurance?

The app gives you an estimate of how good a driver you are, and if your score is greater than 70, you will likely save money if you switch to a usage-based insurance (UBI) program. Scores within this app will not guarantee discounts if joining a usage-based insurance program.

Does the app work everywhere or just in Canada?

The app hasn't been extensively tested outside of Canada, but it should work everywhere. We only currently support metric units but will add an imperial units toggle in a future release.

How do i get the app?

Download directly from the apple app store or android play store.


How do i get help

Please read through the FAQ's to check if your question has been answered. We will keep them up-to-date with any common issues. If you still need help or have comments or suggestions, please send us an email at, tweet us @KanDriveSmart, or leave a comment on our facebook page

Does this app affect my battery performance?

Yes. We have worked hard to limit the affect on battery performance. For normal usage, commuting to and from work, you shouldn't notice much or any change in battery performace. When not driving, the app will use a minimal amount of battery to check whether you have started driving. Once a trip has started, the app actively used the GPS for distance traveled. If you are traveling a long distance, consider mounting the device and plugging it in to a charger.

Why are my drives not being recorded?

On iOS, make sure that you have opened the app, and that it is still in the multi-task list, otherwise the app will not record any data. If you still aren't seeing trips being recorded, try opening the app shortly before going for a drive. Also, make sure that your GPS is enabled and DriveSmart has permission to use location services.

On android, make sure that your GPS is enabled. Also, having wifi enabled (even when driving) helps with location accuracy. For rooted phones, make sure google play services in installed and up-to-date. Trips under 1km won't be recorded either.

Accelerometer problem on android.

DriveSmart uses the phone's accelerometer for monitoring driving performance. Unfortunately some Android phones aren't capable of using the accelerometer when the screen is off. Samsung Galaxy Note II is the most popular model that is unable to run the accelerometer in the background.

Trip starting position not accurately captured.

To minimize battery usage, we put the app to "sleep" for periods of time. The app might miss the start of a trip (or an entire short trip). However, as the app collects more trips, your score will be fairly accurately reflected even with some trips, or portion of trips missing.

Non-driving trips recorded.

Any time you are in a moving vehicle, the app will detect a "trip". This will include public transport and when you are a passenger. To get the most accurate score of your own driving, remove the trips when you weren't actually driving by swiping them out of the trips list. When the app detects a trip start, you will also receive a notification that you can click on to categorize the trip and remove it from your trips history. The app also might pick up "trips" occassionally when you weren't in a moving vehicle. Swipe the trip from the trips list and it will be removed from your trip list and cumulative statistics. We will work to minimize these false positives.

Location service icon is always visible on iOS.

DriveSmart does not use GPS or other battery draining location services when the app is in the paused state (removed from multi-task list or high phone memory usage). The location service arrow does not vanish because the app needs to wake up automatically after the pause period.