Developed by Canada's leading financial services comparison website, KANETIX.ca, DriveSmart rates your driving and helps you determine whether you can save money by joining a usage-based insurance program.

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Hands-free start and finish, progression charts, leaderboard, trip completion notification, individual trip statistics...and much more!

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About DriveSmart.

How good of a driver are you really? Test your skills with DriveSmart by KANETIX.ca, an app that grades your driving. Why? Auto insurers in Canada are increasingly offering drivers the opportunity to join a usage-based insurance program, which monitors how you drive to determine if you'll get a discount off your insurance. The KANETIX.ca DriveSmart app will give you some insight on how your driving stacks up and if you could save on your insurance.

DriveSmart Dashboard

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DriveSmart automatically records any motor-vehicle trip you take and will grade your driving on the most important components that will be looked at in usage-based insurance program.


The app is always on, so there's no need to start and stop it. Just keep your phone in your pocket or your bag.


DriveSmart automatically records any motor-vehicle trips you take. You can view the distance, duration, and score for each trip. Drivers with an average score over 70 are considered safer drivers, and will likely benefit from a usage-based insurance program.


A progression graph that shows how your scores have changed.
Customizable time frames to view your scores, distance driven, average speed, and more.


Badges that are earned for good driving techniques.

Battery use

The app consumes battery power, so nightly charging is recommended. With typical phone use, a smartphone running DriveSmart should have enough battery power to last all day.


Please submit reviews and comments via the Android Play and Apple App store.

For help with using the app, please check our frequently asked questions page.

For all other requests, suggestions, comments, and inquiries, please email us at drivesmart@kanetix.ca, tweet us @KanDriveSmart, or leave a comment on our facebook page